Int. Relations and Diplomacy

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tuition fee: 2016/2017- €16,750 (all students)
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The two-year MSc Programme in International Relations and Diplomacy offers a unique blend of academic education in international relations and political science with practical graduate education and training in international negotiation and diplomacy.
As of September 2014, the Master of Science in International Relations and Diplomacy will be a programme taught jointly by Leiden University’s Institute of Political Science, the Centre for Professional Learning at the Faculty Campus The Hague and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael.

The location of The Hague will be beneficial for this master’s programme in terms of substantive focus and the various links to international institutions located in this city. As of September 2015, the programme will be fully administered and managed by the Faculty Campus The Hague.
The academic programme for the coming years stays as planned and announced (see respective information in the e-Prospectus). As of September 2014, Prof. dr. Madeleine Hosli will be at Leiden University’s Campus The Hague as Programme Director of the Master International Relations and Diplomacy programme.
As one of the partners, Clingendael’s objective is to promote the understanding of international affairs, and the institute devotes special attention to European co-operation, international security, and diplomacy.
In the current era of global interdependence, collaborative efforts are needed to meet the most pressing challenges in international politics, security and economics. Increased transnational channels of communication, global trade and capital flows characterise an increasingly interconnected world of both nation states and non-state actors. The resulting challenges to global governance can be met most effectively by patterns of international and transnational co-operation and diplomacy.
Career opportunities:
The master’s programme prepares students specifically for careers in international diplomacy, international government and non-governmental organisations, national or international public administrations, ‘think tanks’ and research institutions, international interest associations or international business.
In view of the range of courses they attended, their analytical and research skills, possible internship experience, master’s thesis, and contact with experts in relevant fields, graduates of this programme possess a high level of academic education and preparation for relevant positions in international organisations, international politics, and diplomacy.
The programme also aims to prepare students for possible continued academic training within the framework of a doctoral programme.

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phone.: 071 527 11 11
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