Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research)

Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) an der Leiden University
Dauer: 2 Jahre | Sprache: Englisch | Land: Niederlande
About Classics and Ancient Civilization ResearchThe Research Master's programme distinguishes itself from other similar master's programmes by consistently integrating the world of the Hebrew Bible, ancient Judaism, emerging Christianity, the cuneiform cultures of Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt (ancient, antique and late - antique) and Greco - Roman Antiquity within their broader context.
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Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) an der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Dauer: 2 Jahre | Sprache: Niederländisch | Land: Niederlande
The research Master's programme aims to deliver well equipped researchers in the field of Ancient Studies: Classics, Archaeology, Ancient History and Ancient Near Eastern Studies. It focuses on the cultures and societies of the Mediterranean region, Western Europe and Western Asia in the period from c.
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