Classics and Ancient Civilizations

1 Jahre
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Pick the tools you need: Ancient history, Archaeology, Classical languages or Philosophy.

The research Master's programme aims to deliver well equipped researchers in the field of Ancient Studies. It focuses on the cultures and societies of the Mediterranean region, Western Europe and Western Asia in the period from c. 1000 BC to 500 AD.

The research Master's programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations offers a good mix of disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and research. You will be able to specialize fields of:
  • Ancient History
  • Ancient Studies
  • Classics


Disciplinary because the programme builds on the specializations offered in your Bachelor's programme; interdisciplinary because you make use of the results of related disciplines during the so-called 'core modules' . These are two interdisciplinary tutorials, in which members of the teaching staff from various disciplines from the department of Ancient Studies and Archaeology teach you how to approach a shared research theme from different perspectives and to provide theoretical underpinning for this theme.

The research Master's programme Classics and Ancient Civilizations was previously known as the (Dutch) Master's programme Oudheidstudies (Research).

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