Arts and Culture

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Arts and Culture

The Master of Arts and Culture at Leiden University is personally - tailored and offered within small scale seminars giving you a high degree of contact with lecturers and fellow students.

The programme is broad, it covers arts from throughout the world and arts forms, media and disciplines from the past and the present. Our programme enables you to learn about the influence of art on society and to analyse the effect of works of art on their environment. With these skills you will become an attractive employee for a diverse range of employers in the art field and beyond.

Museums and collections play an important role within the Master's programme. The arts and culture department collaborates on teaching and research with many academic and cultural institutions nationally and internationally. You will benefit from this international network during and after your Master's degree.

Curriculum and Overview

The programme consists of 60 EC, to be completed in one year.

Part - time students complete the programme in 1,5 years, they will have a course load of 20 EC per semester. Courses are scheduled during office hours.

The structure of the programme is the following: 

  • Practices and Debates (5 credits); 
  • Two Research Seminars from the chosen specialisation in the master's programme in Arts and Culture (20 c redits); 
  • Free Component (10 credits); 
  • Thesis Seminar (5 credits); 
  • Thesis (20 credits).

Specialisations are: 

  • Art and Architecture before 1800 
  • Museums and Collections
  • Art of the Contemporary World and World Art Studies 
  • Design, Culture and Society

Requirements for graduation are: 

  • Successful completion of courses, following the structure of the programme (40 EC)
  • Successful completion of MA Thesis (20 EC)

Students need to complete at least 45 EC within their field of specialization: 

  • 2 Rese arch seminars in field of specialisation (20 EC); 
  • Thesis seminar (5 EC); * Thesis (20 EC)

For detailed information on the courses and curricula, see the e-Prospectus:

Job and Careers prospects

As a graduate of the Master in Arts and Culture at Leiden University, you will be qualified to work within a variety of professional fields, such as museums, galleries, cultural institutions or (art) libraries and archives. It is also possible to find employment wit hin the publishing and general media sectors, within the art trade, in journalism and public relations.

Recent graduates are working with companies such as Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder, Sdu Publishers, Haags Gemeentemuseum, the Repeat Group, Gavelers Auctioneers and Lyppens. Other examples include:

  • Curator at a museum 
  • Collections manager at a natural history museum 
  • Project officer for heritage at a governmental agency 
  • Art teacher at a secondary school 
  • Auctioneer at an online auction house 
  • Research consultant at a recruitment company 
  • Teacher of art and theory at an art school 
  • Freelance artist and illustrator 
  • PhD candidate

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About Leiden University

Are you curious, critical and involved in the world around you? At Leiden University, the oldest university in the Netherland s, you can make a valuable contribution to tackling the various national and international challenges facing modern society. Together with academics and fellow students from all over the world, you will actively address these challenges. We keep an open mind, do not shy away fr om difficult discussions and allow one another the space to disagree. We expect the same active, open - minded and critical attitude from you.

We challenge you to look beyond your own boundaries. Leiden University welcomes anyone who wants to achieve their full potent ial. Our modest community size in the historical cities of Leiden and The Hague creates a highly personal and committed atmosphere. Together, we map out a learning path that suits you and your ambitions. You will also be encouraged to conduct research in cooperation with eminent and enthusiastic scholars. The knowledge and skills you develop here will benefit you for the rest of your life, regardless of the career path you choose!

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