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Worum geht's im Studium

Are you naturally curious, do you want to take your skills further, know more about research, and immerse yourself for a full year in a relevant topic concerning the content, creation, and culture of digital games? If so, you may want to choose the Master Game Technology programme after completing your bachelor’s degree.

This programme has been developed in collaboration with the international game industry. You will learn to look at research and development from different angles, and through common research phases you will actively research and develop possible solutions.

To prepare for this master's programme, you write a project proposal in which you summarise your ideas for a research project and demonstrate awareness of the current state of the field you wish to study. Together with a designated supervisor you will work on your project for a full year, allowing you to explore the subject matter in depth and create a meaningful contribution to your research field and industry.

Studying Game Technology

The programme is structured in four blocks, each consisting of ten weeks. At the end of every block you present your work and progress is evaluated. The work involves both a research thesis and the practical development of artefacts which allow you to gather data and prove the application of your research.

Year-long graduation

You will spend the year on a topic based on your own proposal. We will assist you in finding a research question that allows you to explore that topic in depth, and all of your assessments are related to that research and work delivered.

Research and development

We offer courses on a variety of fundamental research and development topics. You follow courses covering general research methodologies, game related research, and also presentation skills and thesis writing. The curriculum has set sessions for critique, discussions and debates in which students present their project progress and examine each other’s’ decisions and approaches.

Self-directed learning

We want you to take ownership and responsibility of your own learning. We strongly promote innovation, possibly in new or unfamiliar environments, and often with an actual product or set of prototypes and a proof of concept in mind.

Individual supervision

You will be assigned an individual supervisor with a connection to your field of research. Further support is available through access to researchers and specialists in any relevant area of game development.

Industry involvement

We put a strong focus on collaborating with the industry. The industry is involved with reviewing your research proposals, which can lead to the assignment of an industry supervisor. During the year, the industry is invited to presentations and poster sessions creating valuable moments for feedback.

After Study

After your graduation you will be prepared for future positions such as a specialist in art, programming, or design and roles in R&D. These positions are not entry-level jobs, and a couple of years of work experience within the game industry is essential. This master’s programme offers you the possibility to achieve these positions more rapidly by providing you with thorough research skills and strong communication skills. After your graduation you are entitled to the degree of Master of Science.


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