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To gain admission you need pre-university secondary education (Abitur, Fachhochschulreife or International Baccalaureate diploma) and evidence of artistic talent.
Worum geht's im Studium

As a designer, you are always designing and making products, objects, materials, or experiences. Design is a creative process during which you add extra value, meaning, and quality to a product, environment, or experience.

You can choose one of the following study profiles. You also have the opportunity to study on a multidisciplinary basis:

  • Body Design (related to former Fashion and Jewellery Design)
  • Object Design (related to former Product Design)
  • Material Design (related to former Textile Design)

All these profiles focus strongly on the manufacturing process and how it relates to products, shape, and material. Whatever you choose, you will always work closely with lecturers and students from the various graduating profiles within Design, so that you influence and strengthen each other. This is how this school offers added value for many students who study here.

Tisch mit verschiedenen Gegenständen - Design-Projekt Hogeschool Zuyd

Future role of the designer

The designer of the future is able to view challenges faced by companies in a different light and can offer ideas or solutions that are outside the box. You are not only a designer, but also a person who connects different disciplines. Our alumni work in a diversity of roles within all kinds of companies and institutes. Therefor it is as important to learn to investigate and innovate as it is to master craftsmanship.

Rich history

The Maastricht Institute of Arts has a rich history. Its location in the historic center and the different architectural styles reflect that. Here you will feel the craft and its atmosphere every day. This is the place where you think about art and what you would like to do with it.

Camping Ausrüstung zwischen zwei Fahrrädern - Design-Projekt Hogeschool Zuyd

For whom?

If you are talented, if you have ambition, if you are disciplined and if you like to experiment, join our artistic community.


The main language of instruction of this bachelor study programme is Dutch. A command of Dutch (NT2 level two) is order to enrol in this course. More info about Dutch NT2 courses. 


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