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4 Jahre
To gain admission to the study programmes for the Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology, you need pre-university secondary education (Abitur, Fachhochschulreife or International Baccalaureate diploma), and evidence of artistic talent.
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Image is a visual language and is a key element in the communication in our culture. All kinds of media are used to achieve communication goals - to tell the story. But it is always about: Why am I telling it, how do I tell it, what do I tell it with, when and to whom? With your designs, you as the designer get the message across in visual form. Because not only the image itself, but also the way in which it is made and the medium with which you show the image, are definitive to the impact of your story.

Study profiles

The study programme DESIGN - Visual Communication consists of four study profiles:

  • Photography
  • Film
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration


You will discover photography as a tool for storytelling and individual expression. You will have the opportunity to experiment within and outside the bounds of various genres (fashion, advertising, architecture, still life, landscape, portraiture, reporting, documentary) to help you develop your own image strategy and work method as a storyteller. The programme will touch upon the similarities and differences with other visual, audio-visual, digital, and hybrid media through artistic creation on the one hand and practical field assignments on the other.

Studenten der Hogeschool Zuyd schauen sich Design Projekte an


From zero to a hundred and from nothing to a film product: film is a complex and versatile medium. You may ultimately choose to become a cameraman, a director, or a screenwriter. Whatever you choose, we will provide you with the tools to deliver a finished film product: from the initial idea to treatment, script, budget, production, editing and post-production, and finally a finished product that can be screened.

Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, your goal is to discover your own communication language. You will develop this in a concrete and open context, while demonstrating an understanding and knowledge of social and topical issues. Authentic visual expression, an enterprising attitude, and a professional and innovative approach are the conditions for becoming a future image-maker/designer in a flexible and dynamic field. The professional realm of graphic designers ranges from traditional printing to interactive media.

Visuelle Communication an der Hogeschool Zuyd


As an illustrator, you communicate through images. You develop a visual vocabulary to tell illustrative stories, encourage your audience to enter into a dialogue through sharp and stimulating images, or use clear visuals to help make complex processes and constructs easier to understand. You determine how to visualize things in order to convey the right message. Your imagination is a powerful tool. You can also use symbolism to ascribe new meaning to things as part of your own visual language.


The main language of instruction of this bachelor study programme is Dutch. A command of Dutch (NT2 level two) is order to enrol in this course. More info about Dutch NT2 courses.

Own image language and balance

In the search for your own image language, it is important that you are open to everything happening around you and that you are abreast of social developments. You will do this among others in our learning community. You develop your own view of image and an entrepreneurial mindset; you are professional in your work and are interested in innovative thinking and action. You will also gain knowledge about communication and communication strategies, human interaction, media options and related disciplines that can be used for the lines of communication.

Rich history

The Maastricht Institute of Arts has a rich history. Its location in the historic center and the different architectural styles reflect that. Here you will feel the craft and its atmosphere every day. This is the place where you think about art and what you would like to do with it.


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