Communication and Multimedia Design

4 Jahre
It is important that you have an affinity with working with computers, that you are creative and innovative, and are open to new ideas and developments in the world around you.
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Opening up new horizons in new media

You will be trained to become a multimedia professional, setting the tone in a world of interactive media and digital communication. Push the boundaries of your own abilities and grasp the opportunities given to you at the start of an exciting and successful career.

Professionals in the world of multimedia and communication

Communication and Multimedia Design professionals are creative problem-solvers in the world of interactive media. They are able to develop and grow with the very latest trends in the field of communication in digital media, and are always in search of new possibilities and applications. The transformation of an information society into a communication society demands communication specialists who are able to identify the needs of present-day society and translate these into interactive media solutions. Their broad knowledge will enable them to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams, where they will unify the various disciplines while simultaneously making a specialized contribution to the final result.

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Human-centred design as the starting point

Convenience and accessibility are the preconditions for developing communication solutions for new media. As a professional, you will start from the human-centred design approach. During the creative design process, you will think and act on the basis of the behaviour, the needs, and the wishes of the media user. Based on these requirements, you will design a concept by making the link between multimedia (text, photography, video, audio, and animation) and interactive applications. At all times, it is the experience of the end user which is central to this process. The possibilities presented by technology serve the needs and wishes of this end user.

Practive-oriented learning

What makes the Communication and Multimedia Design study programme so interesting and unique is the integration of communication, design and technology. A combination of theory lessons and practical assignments help bring about this integration. These assignments, which can be carried out individually or in groups, are actual case studies commissioned by businesses. The advantage of this way of learning is that, during these ‘whole task’ assignments, you gain practical experience. Not only that, you will automatically hone skills with respect to project management, collaboration and reporting and presentation techniques. This is an optimum way of preparing for a future career in the industry.

And later...

The future prospects for graduates are extremely favourable. Most professionals who have recently graduated work in the dynamic world of the creative and media industry. You may find a job as an interaction designer, user experience designer, multimedia designer, web designer, front-end developer, project manager, or art director. An increasing number of our graduates are starting their own business or are working as freelancers.

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The main language of instruction of this bachelor study programme is Dutch. A command of Dutch (NT2 level two) is order to enrol in this course. More info about Dutch NT2 courses.

Rich history

The Maastricht Institute of Arts has a rich history. Its location in the historic center and the different architectural styles reflect that. Here you will feel the craft and its atmosphere every day. This is the place where you think about art and what you would like to do with it.


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