4 Jahre
English language ability B2, completion of high school (high school, junior high school, high school, comprehensive school etc)

tuition fees: 18000 yuan
Application deadline: June 30th
Worum geht's im Studium

The purpose of this major is to train high-level application-oriented senior engineering technicians, who can grasp the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills in relevant branches of civil engineering design, construction, research and management. During the 4-years’ study, the graduates of this major receive basic training for being registered engineers and reached the requirements to be a trainee civil engineer.

Enrollment Advantage
Civil Engineering discipline is the provincial key subject. 
Civil Engineering has the authority to launch graduate program of first-level discipline.
Civil Engineering is the provincial key constructive specialty and the national extraordinary constructive specialty.

Main Courses
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Drawing ? Computer Aided Drawing
  • Theoretical Mechanics
  • Material Mechanics
  • Civil Engineering Materials
  • Building Architecture
  • Principal Theory of Steel Structure 
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Construction
  • Masonry Structures
  • Design of Building Steel Structures
  • Civil Engineering Budget Estimate
  • High-building Structures and Earthquake Resistance
  • Appraisal and Reinforce of Engineering Structure
  • Development and Management of Real Estate, ect.
Career opportunities
The graduates of this major mainly work on the field of civil engineering design, research, construction, education, management, investment and so on. The graduates can work in the infrastructure sector of some Design and Research Institute, Construction Units, Supervision Companies or Real Estate Companies after graduation, and also work on the relative vocation of civil engineering in the Municipal, Transportation, Finance or Education Departments. 

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology
School of International Education
Ms.Sun, Ms. Tina, Ms .Megan, Ms. Serena
Liuhe Lu 318, Xihu Qu
310023, Hangzhou

phone: 0086-571-85070141
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