Erfahrungen zum Studium International Business an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

Anzelika Liedeskrastina

Anzelika Liedeskrastina gives us an Interview and told us about his International Business at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

Hey! My name is Anzelika Liedeskrastina and I’m from Latvia. It’s my first year as a international student in HZ University of Applied Sciences. I chose to study IBMS (International Business and Management Studies) because I’m really interested in it and I thought it would be very interesting to study, especially abroad.

Why studying at HZ in Vlissingen?
First of all, I chose to study in Vlissingen, because I read a lot of information about it and I saw how beautiful is this city, it attracted me with a beautiful beach and other places around. Vlissingen is small and I think it’s the best place for students, because here you can connect studies with entertainment and every places where you want to go, are situated near to each other. Here is everything what students need.

How did you find out the possibilities for a study in Holland?
Information about studies in Holland I found through the internet and organisation called Hakes. Also I attended a presentation about studies in Holland in my previous school and it was impressive.

What about the level of your English, how did this work?
At the beginning, of course, I was little bit afraid to study in English, because my knowledge wasn’t really good. But now I see that there is no reason to be afraid because English is getting better and I know that after some time I will not have problems with it at all. Learning in English definitely improved my skills.

How did you apply? Did you also apply elsewhere?
I applied through organisation Hakes which helps international students to find out where to study abroad and all other questions.
Yes, I applied to England and Denmark, but I’m really happy that I chose to study in the Netherlands. The education is in a high level and costs for living isn’t that expensive than in England and Denmark.

How did you get accommodation?
Like almost everyone I applied for accommodation in HZ website. Now I’m living in the L’esscaut with 2 Dutch guys and I’m satisfied with my apartment and conditions.

What are your first experiences in the Netherlands?
I remember my first day when I came here, I was very excited! I liked the nature, the weather because it was warmer than in my county but mostly I liked people here. I didn’t expect that people here are so open, helpful, happy, communicative. They helped me a lot and they made my first day here unforgettable.

What are to you the advantages for a study in the Netherlands?
Firstly, the main advantage for me is to improve my English skills but I think it’s the same advantage in other countries too.
Secondly, I wanted to meet new people from other countries, I thought it would be more interesting, it would be a good experience for me, and it really is like that! People can get to know each other culture, traditions, lifestyle, we can learn from each other.

What are the disadvantages?
Like I told before, Vlissingen is small city, it’s perfect for student life but I wouldn’t live here for a long time. There is just one thing which I don’t like the most – it’s weather. Rainy, windy..

What would you advice pupils from secondary schools who are interested in a study abroad?
First of all, they must find out what they really want to do, what they want to study and where. It’s very important to study what you really like, otherwise you will regret that you chose not the right profession, country etc.

What are your experiences with the study now compared with your expectations?
I like the teaching strategy here, it’s not just a theoretical part, it’s a practical experience too. Lectures are very nice and helpful. In the beginning for me it was little bit hard to accustomed studying in English, it took some time but now it’s quite easy to understand and follow everything.

How do you see your future now?
For this moment I want to finish my first and second year in HZ. In my third year I want to go abroad to another country and get a new experience. Later I will see how it goes and what I will choose to do next.

Would you choose again for HZ?
Yes, of course! I don’t regret anything, I’m really glad that I chose to study here. I learned a lot, I have new friends from other countries, new experience what I didn’t have before. Studies, friends, fun – it’s what the student life is all about! I got just positive feelings and impressions and I really suggest to study abroad, it’s unforgettable time!

We thank Anzelika Liedeskrastina.