Erfahrungen zum Studium Communication & Media am Windesheim Honours College

Angela Gonzales Pedrero

Angela Gonzalez Pedrero who studies Communication & Media at Windesheim Honours College, told us about her experiences in this interview.

I chose the specialization Communication & Media because it allows me to be creative, when it comes to setting up campaigns, it teaches me to become more cultural sensitive and most importantly it provides me with all the skills I need to become a project manager in that field. I started with the idea of working for an NGO in the future, but after one year of WHC, my career perspective has definitely broadened. I know now I could also work for a commercial organization to help them with Corporate Social Responsibility for instance.

I’ve learned a lot during this past first year, I’ll give some practical examples: I can analyze and set up a Social Media Campaign; I know now that even the EU campaigns can be improved. I can write a press release in flawless English, and I know how to analyze a country through the media landscape. And did you know that only 17% of the world population lives under Press Freedom? That’s the kind of subjects you can expect when you study here.

Studying at the College has surpassed my expectations. You get great insight into your future work field, with the guest lectures, business trip, company visits and what not. Project are rounded off with a presentation, professionals are always invited to these presentations so you get feedback from someone who really knows what he’s talking about. The staff and lecturers are available all the time, for feedback and support. We even got the Skype address of one of our lecturers, for feedback during the final first year project. I can’t imagine that happening anywhere else. The College is intense and intensive, but I have learned so much already, it’s worth it!